iPhone 7/7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 Camera Comparison 📸 One Clear...

iPhone 7/7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 Camera Comparison 📸 One Clear Winner

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We have a clear winner! iPhone 7/7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 camera comparison, testing the low light, colour, and dynamic range performance with both videos and photos.

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  1. I'm not a professional, though I will say that it seems like the Galaxy S7 has a better software that handles the noise as the user sees it; can't say for sure if it's the camera or sensor that is creating that perceived effect. It could be that in post the iPhone footage has more data to manipulate. That's why as you said, "The footage falls apart easily" on the Galaxy.

    The Samsung NX1 (discontinued) also has great noise reduction software. They manage to do it very well, and they have the superior h265 codec, which negates some of the falling apart issues.

    I would love to see how much information you could extract in post from both cameras.

  2. Lots of people from this video angry at my video. I prefer the 7 Plus. The S7 blew out the night shots. Very noisy. It over saturated the colors to where they almost looked neon. 7 Plus was more tru to life. I'm HDR type situations, with the sun in front, the S7 did a much better job. But the 7 Plus has the 56mm lens that let's me compose the shot in a totally different way. I shoot video with FilmicPro which stabilizes the 56mm and let's me control everything. Both very good 4K video. For my own personal preference, I prefer the iPhone, but they're both fantastic. That makes me a biased fanboy I guess. ¯(ツ)

  3. Perhaps don't swing the cameras around so wildly. It was hard to focus on an image to get a comparison. Perhaps video like a tourist would video with slow pans and pauses. Just a thought. Looking forward to an S7 vs Pixel video comparison. Again here I would really like to see the cameras used as the average person would… slow pans… and even some video while standing still!!! something none of the reviews seem to want to do!!! lol… I don't plan on doing most of my videos while walking or running LOL. many thanks

  4. lol I'm reading all these comments , and people who likes apple is funny , lol isn't the galaxy s7 almost 7 months old or 8 ?? and the iphone is 1 month old and samsung is still kicking ass??

  5. My eyes prefer the Samsung camera and I'm an iPhone user. I think it's that saturation that they tend to use. It's not over kill like before but it's enough to make it appealing.

  6. Great comparison video, good job!
    I have to agree, the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge camera are just better than the iPhone 7/7 Plus cameras.

    Better dynamic range
    Better Low light results
    More accurate colors
    Faster focus
    Stereo audio output

    And manual control for those shots under non-ideal lighting conditions.

  7. I t would be more equal if you compare the iPhone 7 agasint … i dont know. Actually for me the best camera  pictures out there are:
    S7 edge, >  HTC 10 >  LG V10 or G5 > Huawei p9> Xperia xz  > Nexus 6p and IPhone 7. we will see how  the google pixel cámara performs

  8. PRO TIP: If you can't see the huge superiority of the S7 in this video, that means you are watching this video on the horrible screen of an iPhone.

    750p screen in 2016… only a true moron would fall for that.

  9. The iPhone 8 will definitely need a major camera upgrade next year. The iPhone 7's camera isn't bad by any means, but in comparison to the S7's camera, it's not as impressive imo.

  10. I agree with you Jared. I'll be a iPhone 7+ convert from a note 7 – so this was an interesting watch. Only thing I'll say, is that I've aways noticed better stabilization on the iPhone. Besides that, it seems that sensor in the s7 captures a lot more detail in compromising situations. Great video.

  11. Video on the iPhone 7 has been and still is better at stabilization, its a lot smoother. I don't know if you can tell, but theres like some sort of warping effect on the s7. Other than that the s7 is a lot better camera. I like the warmer white balance on the iPhone but that can be fixed later with an app.